Reverse Applique Felt Needlebook Tutorial

DIY Reverse Applique Felt Needlebook Tutorial

What You’ll Need

  • One 9- × 13-inch piece of blue felt
  • One 9- × 13-inch piece of red felt
  • One 9- × 13-inch piece of white felt
  • One pearl snap
  • White #5 pearl cotton embroidery thread
  • Medium-sized embroidery needle
  • Craft/sewing scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • Embroidery scissors or craft knife and cutting mat
  • A couple of pins to hold things together before you start to stitch
  • Applique template (you can download the one I’ve provided or use your own)

First, Do This

Needlebook Tutorial MaterialsA. Cut 1 from blue felt: 7 in wide × 4 in tall

B. Cut 2 from blue felt: 3 in wide × 4 in tall

C. Cut 1 from red felt: 2¾  in wide × 4 in tall

D. Cut 2 from red felt: 2½ in wide × 1¾ in tall

E. Cut 2 from white felt: 5¾ in wide × 4 in tall

Now We’re Ready to Make Something

1. Transfer design to blue felt piece A.

Applique transfer materialsPrint out the templates I’ve provided here, or create your own. It’s easier to position the design the way you want it if you print the template on tracing paper or vellum, but it’s not absolutely necessary. You can maneuver the fabric under the paper to get it right even if you just use regular printer paper. Regardless, first fold the the large blue felt piece (A) in half to match its edges, so you’ve got the shape of the book as it will look when finished. Then choose which side you want to be the front of the finished book. (You may want to make a small mark or place a pin to note this choice so later you know where you want the applique to go.)

Applique Transfer Materials for Needlebook TutorialNow open and place this piece flat, and then position your transfer paper of choice on top, followed by the template last. You can use carbon transfer paper or dressmaker’s transfer paper. If you don’t want to mess with that,  you can even cut out the template printout to make a stencil—whatever works for you. Or you can draw your own design directly on the fabric, as I did with the flower petal book.


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